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Hold an Alligator, Play with Wolves, Pet a Sloth, and more! When you visit us, you will get a close up experience with over 100 species of wildlife from 5 continents including Kangaroos,, Sloths, Lemurs, Fox, Monkeys, Fruit Bats,  Alligators, Porcupines, Emus, Timber & Arctic Wolves, Snakes, Lizards, Tortoises, Mata Matas, and much more. Join us for the Wolf Encounters, and participate in one of our hands-on wildlife presentations offered several times each day.

Our five beautiful acres are filled with over 100 mature native and exotic trees that provide lots of shade and interesting, interactive learning experiences. You will have the opportunity to visit the enchanting sunken rain forest garden, as well as our butterfly and hummingbird gardens. You can also explore our organic garden with herbs, spices and other intriguing plants in our candy, drinks, spices, vegetable, medicinal, and pizza sections. All of this is included in our regular admission price.  We hope to see you soon.

Safari Edventure is a non-profit organization.

We are located in S.W. Miami-Dade County, Florida. Our staff, which is made up mostly of volunteers, has been providing quality, hands-on environmental presentations for over 40 years. We care for over 120 species of exotic animals with over 200 animals on display each day at our 5 acre facility. About 90% of our animals have come to us as one of the three “R’s” –  Rescued, Re-homed, or Rehabilitated or have been born at our facility. The majority of these were born from parents that originally came to us as one of the three “R’s” listed above. The remaining animals were acquired for conservation, education, (mostly through trades to other wildlife facilities.).

 School groups can also take Field Trips to our facility. 


     Safari Adventure is a, private, non-profit organization that began in 1975. We are a federally approved 501 (C) (3) organization. We are funded by our memberships and private donations. 

We are not a large, government funded zoo. In fact, we are not a zoo at all. We are a relatively small rescue / sanctuary / educational facility. About 90% of the animals here came to us as rescued, rehomed, rehabilitated, or have been born here from parents that came to us as one of those “Rs”.

The downside of not being a government funded facility is that at times space and enclosure size is limited to our site and our funding. ALL of our enclosures meet and most exceed the regulations set forth and enforced by the U.S.D.A., and the Florida Wildlife Commission. These regulations were put into law by a panel of wildlife experts from different fields relating to wildlife. We would however, like to provide larger enclosures for several of the animals here.

The upside of not being a government facility or large zoo is that we allow you to get up close to our animals, and to have hands-on experiences with many of them during your visit. This alone sets us apart from most other animal facilities of any type. The average visitor has hands-on opportunities with more than 15 species. At any given time, we are typically caring for over 100 species of animals.

If you are looking to visit a large, government funded zoo, we may not be the place for you to visit. However, most every day we hear visitors say that “This is better than a zoo.” We hope you will think so too.